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Jade Thirwlwall is an English singer, songwriter, and activist.

She is most well known for being a member of the British girl group “Little Mix”.

Thrilwall with “Little Mix” has sold over 60 million albums and singles worldwide, making them one of the best-selling girl groups to date.

As a songwriter, Thirlwall has written songs for internationally renowned musicians including ‘Britney Spears‘ and ‘Iggy Azalea’.

Moreover, she is also credited for being an eminent supporter of the LGBT community and her involvement with charity work.

Along with fellow British celebrities, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Comic Relief’s ‘Red Nose Day’ in response to famine in Ethiopia.

Here’s a collection of the most inspiring Jade Thirlwall quotes:


41 Inspiring Jade Thirlwall Quotes & Sayings

1. “I used to be in an amateur operatic society, they would literally put white powder on my face to whiten me on stage, even now me and my mum will talk about it and we’ll be like ‘that was fucking mental’, we never really understood what was going on at the time.” – Jade Thirlwall

2. “I think all of us have had our moments where we’ve really felt crap, but it’s about being there for each other, supporting each other, and lifting each other back up.” – Jade Thirlwall

3. “Anorexia is a self-destructive thing, and you become stubborn, so when people are trying to tell you something, you get it into your head that they’re against you, and you’re not going to listen.” – Jade Thirlwall

4. “I spent so much of my time when I was growing up just worrying about what people thought of me, about my appearance, how I should act in school, how to… be popular and all that rubbish. Stop worrying about everything. Everything’s going to be okay.” – Jade Thirlwall

5. “I’d love to win, obviously.” – Jade Thirlwall

6. “I think you have to remember that the people that are really muscly and toned at the gym started somewhere. You have to remember that they didn’t always look like that, so when you’re in there, don’t look at them and feel intimidated.” – Jade Thirlwall

7. “And if someone’s not feeling it that day or not feeling good about themselves, you’ve got three other sisters there who are like, Don’t worry. We’ve got you and we’ll get through it together sort of thing.” – Jade Thirlwall

8. “You need to listen, speak up for people, and defend people. I’ve said before, just as an example when you’re in the school playground and you see someone being bullied, you can either stand there and let it happen or you can speak up, say something, stand up for that person and say this isn’t right.” – Jade Thirlwall

9. “My favorite emoji is definitely the sad face, like the ‘See, I’m sorry’ sad face, which I use all the time… Or the monkey face, where he’s covering his eyes.” – Jade Thirlwall


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10. “Where I am from if you weren’t evidently black you were literally put in a bracket of being called the p-word… when I was at school if I was ever bullied for the colour of my skin I’d get so confused as I’d be like, ‘well I’m not from Pakistan’. I remember one time I got pinned down in the toilets and they put a bindi spot on my forehead, it was horrific.” – Jade Thirlwall


11. “I’ve tried making birthday cakes every now and again, and it’s ended up raw or the colours look really rubbish. The good intention is always there, and I genuinely love to bake, but I think when I tell people that I’m going to bake something for them, they know not to expect TOO much.” – Jade Thirlwall

12. “I think it’s a bit shocking for people when pop stars say anything out of the safe zone.” – Jade Thirlwall

13. “I think my strength is that I like doing creative, artsy things. I like colorful, adventurous things.” – Jade Thirlwall

14. “I think when you’ve got this huge platform, it would be silly really not to use that to raise awareness of issues for other people.” – Jade Thirlwall

15. “I think one positive from all of this experience is that I’m definitely communicating with my family more. Usually, I’m working so hard that I don’t get the opportunity to do it as much.” – Jade Thirlwall

16. “It’s really important for me that whoever I find relationship-wise loves drag culture.” – Jade Thirlwall

17. “You don’t have to be in a rock band to write your own music.” – Jade Thirlwall

18. “I would just say, “Brace yourself and don’t ever doubt yourself as well.” Because I think I spent a bit too long worrying too much about what other people might have thought about us and stuff.” – Jade Thirlwall

19. “I just think Christmas is a time to embrace all the naughty little things.” – Jade Thirlwall


20th of 41 Jade Thirlwall Quotes

20. “I find it really funny that men can always get away with being a ladies man. Everyone thinks it’s really cool. But a girl can’t really date boys all the time because everybody looks down on her. I think boys get away with things so much easier.” – Jade Thirlwall


21. “I think we’ve seen a lot of amazing positivity on social media at the minute, which is so lovely.” – Jade Thirlwall

22. “Every day is different in the world of Little Mix. ” – Jade Thirlwall

23. “Break-ups can be the best thing that ever happens to you sometimes.” – Jade Thirlwall

24. “I think it was through a lack of education as well, even now I am constantly learning what the right things are to say and I would hate to talk about my race and my heritage and not say the right things.” – Jade Thirlwall

25. “I feel like it’s Little Mix at our best, an amazing pop banger with an amazing chorus. Also, it’s obviously a breakup song, but it’s very uplifting and cheerful. It’s what I live for and you know me, I love it all. So, I’m very much here for it.” – Jade Thirlwall

26. “Every time I wash my hair, instead of using conditioner, I use proper hair treatment and leave it in for 10 minutes. I think it’s been nice for me being indoors at the minute because I’ve let my hair have a bit of a rest and not blow drying it all the time or straightening it and stuff. I am just letting it live its best life.” – Jade Thirlwall

27. “When I first started talking to my boyfriend, I discovered he did a movie where he played a drag queen and I was like, right, that’s it. He’s perfect. Sign me up! A straight man who’s willing to dress in drag and loves being queer and feminine.” – Jade Thirlwall

28. “I think as well, right now, obviously we’re all in self-isolation and some LGBTQ+ people might be in a home or a family environment where they’re not very supportive of being who they are. So, if you know anybody who is in that circumstance, reach out to them, message them, show them how much you support and love them – there’s many ways you can be doing that whilst being indoors.” – Jade Thirlwall

29. “I’d dress like RuPaul if I was prime minister. I’d have a lace front, waist cincher. I’d have padding on my hips. I’d be ruling the country in style.” – Jade Thirlwall


30th of 41 Jade Thirlwall Quotes

30. “I think there’s many ways that you can support people in general. I think today obviously with it being trans visibility day, reposting on your stories, the social media, raising awareness is a way to help.” – Jade Thirlwall


31. “It’s hard to talk to your friends and family about your experience when you’re in this weird fame bubble.” – Jade Thirlwall

32. “I feel like I’m a different person to who I was 10 years ago and I’m so grateful for that.” – Jade Thirlwall

33. “I’m quite rectangular and I’ve got little boobies — but I’ve learned to embrace that, and that’s what drag culture is about.” – Jade Thirlwall

34. “I am a bit of a perfectionist, but that can also be my downfall.” – Jade Thirlwall

35. “It’s also important to not speaking for trans people, letting them speak for themselves and just supporting them in doing that.” – Jade Thirlwall

36. “Music videos are not as glamorous as they seem. They are very tiring.” – Jade Thirlwall

37. “I think when I then entered the group [Little Mix] I subconsciously didn’t want to talk about my heritage or what my background was in fear of not being as popular, which sounds awful to say but I was only 18 years old. Through years of being ashamed of who I was, I found it quite hard to talk about it.” – Jade Thirlwall

38. “I’m still learning myself. I’m still learning what the right pronouns are or how to speak to someone and make sure you don’t offend someone or be an ally in the right way and making sure it doesn’t look like you are using to your advantage or for your benefit.” – Jade Thirlwall

39. “I’ve also really learned the power of our fan base as well. The fact that we’re not actually out there promoting our single properly or doing TV shows and doing live performances and they’re still bang on it, streaming the song and supporting it as much as they can. It’s amazing.” – Jade Thirlwall


40th of 41 Jade Thirlwall Quotes

40. “I remember the night we won, we saw our families for five minutes and then we all sat down together and me and Perrie were in a hotel room together and we just looked at each other and we’re like, “we’ve won the X Factor!” Our whole lives were about to change.” – Jade Thirlwall


41. “Usually, I guess, we get us, and we rehearse, or we do some promo for a radio station. It changes every day, which is quite good because I don’t like having a normal job.” – Jade Thirlwall



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