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50 Incredible Skip Bayless Quotes

Zisilia Alvsa



50 Incredible Skip Bayless Quotes

Which are your favorite Skip Bayless quotes?

Skip Bayless is an American sports columnist, commentator, and TV personality. He is most popularly known for his work as a commentator for the widely celebrated sports talk show ‘First Take’ which is owned by the American multinational TV network ‘ESPN2’.

Throughout his career as a sports commentator, Bayless has successfully become one of sports fan favorites due to his funny predictions, fiery delivery style, as well as amusing ability to debate anyone on any sports-related subject.

In addition to his many successes, Bayless has also ventured into writing and published his books such as ‘God’s Coach: The Hymns, Hype, and Hypocrisy of Tom Landry’s Cowboys’ and ‘The Boys: The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys’ Season on the Edge’.

Here’s a collection of the best Skip Bayless quotes:


50 Incredible Skip Bayless Quotes

1. “For me, watching football played in the snow is abominable, as in snowman.” – Skip Bayless

2. “I have too many psycho superstitions.” – Skip Bayless

3. “I’m not a shock jock. I never ambush anybody. I just speak my mind and my heart and my soul.” – Skip Bayless

4. “Parcells is one of the all-time great commanders and motivators.” – Skip Bayless

5. “Too many people in charge at ESPN, for my taste, were a little too fearful. It’s a Disney network. There are just certain boundaries that you can’t even tiptoe along.” – Skip Bayless

6. “Once upon a time, kickers actually were players. Lou ‘The Toe’ Groza started at left tackle and played some defensive line while turning into the first straight-on place-kicking star, for the Cleveland Browns. Quarterback George Blanda led the NFL in completions once and the AFL three times while kicking field goals and extra points.” – Skip Bayless

7. “I boil down people to ‘good heart’ or ‘bad heart’ – meaning they’re basically good or basically not.” – Skip Bayless

8. “Understand, I’m in awe of Tom Brady. He grows on me by the game.” – Skip Bayless

9. “I loved my 12 years at ESPN. And I loved working with Stephen A. – and trust me, it’s hard to even talk about it because I miss him. But the truth was, I never quite fit on a Disney-owned network.” – Skip Bayless


10th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

10. “I find that people love to hate me, and a lot of people love to love me.” – Skip Bayless


11. “For 10 years while I was at ESPN, I lived at the Residence Inn in Southington, Connecticut, near Bristol. I did that because my wife had a great job in New York City, and we had a place in New York City, at 54th and 8th. On Friday, I would come back, and then on Sunday evening I would go back to the Residence Inn.” – Skip Bayless

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12. “The Cowboys fan in me is getting increasingly sick and tired of watching Jerry Jones enable his team to lose without fear.” – Skip Bayless

13. “My colleagues think I’m crazy but my motto is, never miss a day. If we’re taping in L.A., I’ll get up at 2 a.m. to go run. If I’m on the road and the hotel doesn’t have a gym, I’ll find a 24-hour gym. I don’t know how to exist without my workouts.” – Skip Bayless

14. “Image and privacy are still everything to Jordan, who has rarely if ever let the outside world see or hear the real Michael.” – Skip Bayless

15. “I say what I say because I believe it from the bottom of my soul and I can back it up.” – Skip Bayless

16. “I merely dared to say Tebow could be a successful starting quarterback in the National Football League – not a Pro Bowler, mind you, just a guy who could win games his way. Which prompted relentless attacks from anti-Tebow analysts and journalists.” – Skip Bayless

17. “I haven’t watched one second of ‘First Take’ since I walked off that set.” – Skip Bayless

18. “During games, I love a Twitter-rocking dunk as much as the next NBA nut. But now, I’d slightly rather see a crowd-detonating (or crowd-silencing) 3-pointer, either off four or five whip-whip passes or (even better) off a steal and a one-on-two pull-up on a solo fast break. No shot in basketball can be more psychologically devastating.” – Skip Bayless

19. “The Hunger Games’ is for eighth-grade girls! Winners read The Art of War!” – Skip Bayless


20th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

20. “I raced a lot when I was in high school, street raced.” – Skip Bayless


21. “I do an hour of cardio every day without fail, and I lift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.” – Skip Bayless

22. “I have never, ever, as God is my witness, contrived a single debate in a single show.” – Skip Bayless

23. “I’ve worked with some people and they turn, they become that image on TV and they’re lost in it, lost in who they are. It scares me. I want to stay me, preserve my soul.” – Skip Bayless

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24. “I believe I can outrun most everyone.” – Skip Bayless

25. “For my meal replacements, I eat way too many Quest bars. I think you should eat every three hours. I usually wake up once a night, and if I do wake up, I always eat a Quest bar to feed my machine.” – Skip Bayless

26. “I believe in God, but I also believe in jinxes.” – Skip Bayless

27. “My career is my life and my passion. It’s not a job, it’s my life.” – Skip Bayless

28. “I watch games a little differently, maybe, than other people do, because I’m constantly asking myself why did that happen, what’s really going on here?” – Skip Bayless

29. “Advertisers rip out one another’s conscience to control the spending impulses of males ages 18 to 34, who now have the cyber world at their fingertips. They want more.” – Skip Bayless


30th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

30. “You know what, Tom Brady is unlike any quarterback I have ever followed or covered. He is shattering every mold of how a franchise quarterback should be on and off the field. He’s just different.” – Skip Bayless


31. “I wouldn’t want to debate me every day.” – Skip Bayless

32. “I want to win every debate and I think I do.” – Skip Bayless

33. “My mom was real loud and that made me speak only when spoken to. But even as a child, if you challenged me, you would get both barrels.” – Skip Bayless

34. “Live television is the hottest medium. My passion for sports debate runs hot enough without a camera transporting it into your living room with 10 times more impact.” – Skip Bayless

35. “I’m over-passionate and in general people think I’m way too intense and way, way, way too hardheaded.” – Skip Bayless

36. “I never listen to music when I run.” – Skip Bayless

37. “Live TV is physically grueling. I’m concentrating very hard to recall numbers, dates, and events to bolster my argument and win a debate. Every eight to 10 minutes, a new sport or topic is thrown at me.” – Skip Bayless

38. “I am not, and never have been, a member of the White Establishment.” – Skip Bayless

39. “I’m LeBron’s ‘No. 1 Critic’ and his ‘Biggest Hater.’ I feel a little like Shailene Woodley’s character in ‘Divergent.’ The government is going to eliminate me because I don’t fit in.” – Skip Bayless


40th of 50 Skip Bayless Quotes

40. “For 30 years I wrote for newspapers and magazines, wrote books on the Dallas Cowboys’ dynasties of the ’70s and ’90s, wrote about Michael Jordan in Chicago and Barry Bonds in the Bay Area, even wrote columns for from 2004 to 2006.” – Skip Bayless


41. “I’m a communist, man. I’m going to break the rules.” – Skip Bayless

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42. “I like fast cars, and I always have.” – Skip Bayless

43. “If the NFL can keep getting away with forcing players to wait three years out of high school before they’re drafted – three! – the NCAA should be made to do away with its rules against paying players beyond room, board, and tuition. I’m not talking about some token, $2,000-a-year ‘spending money’ stipend for every player.” – Skip Bayless

44. “I knew nothing about nutrition until 1982. I had a big turnaround that year and never looked back.” – Skip Bayless

45. “I like to take on athletes who have issues with me.” – Skip Bayless

46. “If you know me at all, I’m stubbornly proud to a fault.” – Skip Bayless

47. “I grew up a Cowboys fan, attending my first game in 1960, the first year of their existence.” – Skip Bayless

48. “When the NBA first resorted to it in 1979, I must admit I thought it was a circus rule, the equivalent of asking players to be shot out of cannons or swallow swords, something borrowed from the stepchild ABA with its red, white, and blue basketballs. A 3-point line? The beautiful game of basketball didn’t need a clown shot.” – Skip Bayless

49. “In the ’80s, I did two hours of cardio every day, split between running and the stationary bike. It was a trap – afterward, I’d feel starving but also bulletproof, so I’d pig out. I slid into what I call exercise bulimia when you’re running more and more miles so you can eat worse and worse food.” – Skip Bayless

50. “Interviewing Michael Jordan is like playing him one on one. If he respects you and especially your media platform and he’s amused by your college try, he’ll let you get off a shot or two. Then he’ll go behind his back, give you a head fake and leave you wondering exactly what he meant by this and that.” – Skip Bayless



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