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Armin Van Buuren is a Dutch DJ and record producer.

He is most famously known for his single ‘This Is What It Feels Like’.

Throughout his entire career, Van Buuren has successfully amassed a string of accolades, including being ranked the number one DJ by the renowned British magazine ‘DJ Mag’ as well as being the only electronic artist to date to ever have been nominated for a ‘Grammy Award’.

Van Buuren began working as a DJ in local clubs while enrolling in university to study law. He gained popularity playing at ‘Club Nexus’ which then encouraged him to start his own label ‘Armind’ and released his album ‘A State of Trance’ which featured collaborations with fellow big-name artists such as ‘Tiesto’ and ‘Ferry Corsten’.

Here’s our collection of the best Armin Van Buuren quotes:


40 Famous Armin Van Buuren Quotes

1. “Once a week I have to do my radio show, ‘A State of Trance’, usually on Wednesday night. I try to go running at least three times a week and spend at least a day without turning my laptop on and spend it with my wife and daughter.” – Armin Van Buuren

2. “In ’92 – ’93, I was at that age when I was looking for my identity and that’s when I found dance music and I really fell in love with it.” – Armin Van Buuren

3. “I got into house music thanks to Dutch master mixer Ben Liebrand and my friends at school.” – Armin Van Buuren

4. “I really love the Interlooper album of Carbon Based Lifeforms. It’s ambient.” – Armin Van Buuren

5. “Back when I was still in primary school, a friend of mine handed me a cassette with some of Ben Liebrand’s mini-mixtapes. I was hooked right there and then.” – Armin Van Buuren

6. “My biggest show in the US was selling out Madison Square Garden — twice, once with A State Of Trance, once as Armin Only. Playing the Forum in LA… but those were just the big shows, y’know. But I think my first time at Ultra Music Festival was a big one, too.” – Armin Van Buuren

7. “One of my first songs I made was “Blue Fear” in 1997, and that record became my first hit as well. I’ve got so many great memories of that track. It’s what started it all.” – Armin Van Buuren

8. “I’m an electronic guy, I’m a freak for electronic music but real instruments, the dynamic range of it, and the emotions, there’s no comparison.” – Armin Van Buuren

9. “I’m not a jukebox; I don’t play exactly what the crowd wants to hear – that doesn’t make sense. But, I do look at people requests. At the end of the day, they are the ticket payers and they are the ones that come to the show. If I played music that purely entertains me, I’d play very weird music.” – Armin Van Buuren


10th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

10. “It felt absolutely amazing to be voted the No. 1 DJ in the world by so many fans. It’s always nice to feel valued and appreciated for the things you love doing the most.” – Armin Van Buuren


11. “I don’t try to be someone I’m not – I’ve always followed my heart and trance has always been my main sound.” – Armin Van Buuren

12. “I’m actually sometimes nervous right before a performance, but as soon as I’m on the stage I’m like, okay, we’re gonna rock this baby.” – Armin Van Buuren

13. “It’s either to take a quick nap or to pack up my stuff so I can catch my flight to the next gig.” – Armin Van Buuren

14. “Don’t ever forget that creating music has to be fun.” – Armin Van Buuren

15. “I grew up in Koudekerk aan de Rijn, located in what they call “the green heart of Holland.” It’s close to Leiden, so I got a bit of both ways of life — small-town life versus big city life.” – Armin Van Buuren

16. “We, as a people, we have a strong need to categorize everything. We put labels on everything and it’s a totally understandable need because we are animals and we need to understand order and where to fit in.” – Armin Van Buuren

17. “It’s an artist’s choice to listen to criticism or not. I’m very sensitive to criticism.” – Armin Van Buuren

18. “The younger generation has embraced Twitter and Facebook massively, and they spend most of their time on there. So if I want to reach new fans or keep in touch with my current, I try to use Twitter and Facebook as much as possible.” – Armin Van Buuren

19. “Holland was one of the first countries to adopt dance music into their culture, and we were the first ones to have really big raves. I grew up in that atmosphere in the early 1990s, and I was very interested in how dance music was made.” – Armin Van Buuren


20th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

20. “I think I prefer producing a little more than DJing because you have more freedom, you can make anything you want; it doesn’t necessarily have to be four to the floor. You can go more with your mood, or the atmosphere that you’re in.” – Armin Van Buuren


21. “Balance for me is finding the perfect amount of time between family life, being on the road, and being creative.” – Armin Van Buuren

22. “Miami was very important, I found a good trance following in Denver, Dallas, and that area. But it took a while — it was a club thing for a long, long time.” – Armin Van Buuren

23. “I always promised myself as a little kid that if I ever had the opportunity to make my own radio show, I would do it.” – Armin Van Buuren

24. “DJs did bus tours, cos clubs were very important to the scene. Now the fans just come to EDC or Beyond Wonderland or Ultra Music Festival, cos that’s where they get their share of the music that they want to hear.” – Armin Van Buuren

25. “I listen to ambient music a lot. It makes me feel like I’m home.” – Armin Van Buuren

26. “I love music, and I loved dance music immediately. So I bought some equipment and started making my own. When I started this, I didn’t say, ‘okay I’m going to do this step and then this step’ to become popular. I just created music that I loved.” – Armin Van Buuren

27. “I recommend everyone who DJ’s to do it as a hobby and make sure you have a day job or are going to school. Only 100 DJ’s in the world make a living doing this, by that I mean making a good, comfortable living.” – Armin Van Buuren

28. “My father was a general practitioner. All considered I think they’re really proud of what I do and how far I’ve come. They’ve stood by me every step along the way and I’m really grateful for their unconditional support.” – Armin Van Buuren

29. “Having a personal trainer, for instance, motivates me a lot to keep active in the gym and to look after my health.” – Armin Van Buuren


30th of 40 Armin Van Buuren Quotes

30. “When I’m flying, I’m either sleeping or making music most of the time.” – Armin Van Buuren


31. “Sure, you can pick a few songs to play for maybe the first hour, but after that, it all comes down to reading the crowd and living the moment.” – Armin Van Buuren

32. “As a composer and producer though, there’s a high point every time I produce a new track.” – Armin Van Buuren

33. “My stage name has always been ‘Armin van Buuren.’ When I really started DJ’ing professionally, I already had a few U.K. hits under my belt under the name ‘Armin’, so I couldn’t really change that anymore.” – Armin Van Buuren

34. “As a DJ, people expect a certain sound and a certain danceability for the music. As a producer, I really like to let go of any rules that may exist.” – Armin Van Buuren

35. “I remember one of my own gigs. It was my first-ever show in the U.K. in Cream in Liverpool on February 5, 2001. The crowd was so hyped up, and I never felt anything like that before. It was the same day my track “Communication” was released on a big U.K. label, so people all of a sudden knew my name and wanted to come and hear my music. That was such a great experience.” – Armin Van Buuren

36. “Each song is the product of all the things I’ve done or experienced in the past, what I’ve learned from it and how it changed who I am. Each time, I become a better me. That’s also worth noting, I believe.” – Armin Van Buuren

37. “I love how social media allows me to interact with my fans, but I’m not fond of the judgmental nature of social media at all.” – Armin Van Buuren

38. “The spread of trance happened very slowly in America — especially for me. Tiësto was different, I think because he had a god-status in the US and was already massive — he sold out arenas on his own in 2004, 2005, when the rest of us were still in clubs.” – Armin Van Buuren

39. “I’m very grateful I went to school to study law, particularly tax law, which really is interesting to me and very useful to me now with my position. Music, however, will always be my number one passion; I like how it connects everyone.” – Armin Van Buuren

40. “You know, sometimes you’re jealous of other people and their achievements, and you wanna be that person, but I’ve come to realize that each individual on this planet has his own path.” – Armin Van Buuren



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