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Known as ‘American Poker Brat’, Phil Hellmuth is an American professional poker player. He’s also well known for his colorful and competitive personality.

He defeated 437 other players to win $106,250 in 2005, not only that, he has won a record fifteen World Series of Poker bracelets. Hellmuth himself is an entrepreneur who also owns many companies including his own casino game company.

Here’s a collection of the most amazing Phil Hellmuth quotes:


50 Amazing Phil Hellmuth Quotes

1. “There are cool inside stories about how the team was built (for another time). And the GM Bob Myers, along with Jerry West, and Joe’s super genius son Kirk (assistant GM) have been brilliant.” – Phil Hellmuth

2. “Daniel LOVES me! We have a lot of love for each other, but he isn’t afraid to call me out.” – Phil Hellmuth

3. “The clothing line never took off like I hoped it would.” – Phil Hellmuth

4. “When David Lee lost his starting spot, did you hear him whine? Here’s a two-time all-star, and he didn’t say anything negative; in fact, he manned up and was the first guy to stand up and applaud everyone else; giving players high fives and positivity.” – Phil Hellmuth

5. “I’ve enjoyed hanging out with Draymond Green, he has great joy and passion for life.” – Phil Hellmuth

6. “Jason Hardi built the best headphones ever created! He built both the hardware and the software from scratch, and they have their own app with programmable smart keys; advanced!” – Phil Hellmuth

7. “The Madison Kid is a script about my life.” – Phil Hellmuth

8. “It was part marketing, and part “let’s show the world these amazing hands that I witnessed and played” (both great plays, and blunders!) I invested in Card Player thinking that we would go public.” – Phil Hellmuth

9. “For better or for worse, that poker brat persona is naturally me! I HATE losing THAT much! Away from the table, it’s different.” – Phil Hellmuth


10th of 50 Phil Hellmuth Quotes

10. “I LOVED watching Tiger golf, especially in the majors. I marveled at how he hit the ball so close to the pin. Luckily, I get time with Tiger and MJ, and it’s fun! I ask them how they deal with fame. Same thing with Elon Musk and President Clinton. Elon seems to have no ego and that’s special.” – Phil Hellmuth


11. “I never read the rules for Twitter! I do smile when people accuse me of name dropping.” – Phil Hellmuth

12. “I invested $900,000 for three points; that’s a $30 million valuation. I have faith in the Shulmans.” – Phil Hellmuth

13. “I think I’m fun to be with, and I’m real and authentic.” – Phil Hellmuth

14. “Daniel is great for poker, and no one works harder than he does. I’m honored and happy to have him write a beautiful foreword, thanks Daniel!” – Phil Hellmuth

15. “Palo Alto is a dream! Perfect weather. People that think they can do anything, and reach for the stars. I saw great people in Wisconsin as well, but I moved out of there when I was 27 years old.” – Phil Hellmuth

16. “I started my column “Hand of the Week” (I own the trademark) in the 1990s, and wrote it until 2010.” – Phil Hellmuth

17. “As the oldest child, he expected me to do well and lead the way for my younger siblings. Of course, I had ADD (or perhaps ADHD) and that makes it difficult to do well in a standard school setting.” – Phil Hellmuth

18. “My mother sculpts, collects antiques, and spreads a lot of positivity. Mom had this sign up on the bathroom mirror when I was growing up (until I was 18 years old).” – Phil Hellmuth

19. “I coined it myself with my old friend Andy Glazer (may he rest in peace). It seemed to fit, and Andy started using it in his writing, and it caught on because it fit.” – Phil Hellmuth


20th of 50 Phil Hellmuth Quotes

20. “When I went broke, I took a job working in the cornfields for a few months. That was rough!” – Phil Hellmuth


21. “They have invited me to sit next to them on the floor for years, and I have been their biggest cheerleader! I’m proud of what Joe and Nicole have accomplished.” – Phil Hellmuth

22. “Chris was the only person that I taught that system to. In fifth grade I moved to a different school, so Chris and I lost touch. He lived on the other side of Madison, Wisconsin.” – Phil Hellmuth

23. “Chris and I were best friends in kindergarten. In Poker Brat I talk about a system I invented in kindergarten to “create your own reality.” – Phil Hellmuth

24. “I live an amazing and blessed life. It’s meant to say, “You can be a professional poker player and have a great life!” – Phil Hellmuth

25. “Kimo Sabe was the “Official Spirit of South-by-Southwest” in 2017, and we just won another gold medal in the American Distilling Institute awards for “Best in Class” for ALL Tequilas and Mezcals!” – Phil Hellmuth

26. “I’m probably the most fun-loving guy that I know.” – Phil Hellmuth

27. “I won bracelet 14, then a few days later I was at Game 5 vs the Cavs, series tied 2-2, and we won! I must say that I’ve been good luck for the Warriors!” – Phil Hellmuth

28. “Even when I pulled a 3.67 GPA one semester in my junior year, just to show the business school I could do it, they rejected my application. I continued on studying Philosophy. Poker is a mix of business and philosophy.” – Phil Hellmuth

29. “We have some GREAT clothing at PokerBrat.com, but we never spent too much money marketing it. These days, I have a deal with the 3Bet Clothing company, and I wear 3Bet every day!” – Phil Hellmuth


30th of 50 Phil Hellmuth Quotes

30. “My publishing company did a book called Deal Me In about 20 players and how they found poker. We sold a lot of copies, and I was intending on doing my autobiography within Poker Brat Publishing, but instead, I did it with D&B Poker.” – Phil Hellmuth


31. “I tried to major in Business, but my grades weren’t quite good enough for Business school.” – Phil Hellmuth

32. “Joe is a winner and his son Kirk is a winner.” – Phil Hellmuth

33. “Looking back, I managed my money decently right from the start.” – Phil Hellmuth

34. “Muzik Connect is a dream deal! To rep cutting-edge technology alongside the biggest athletes/names in the world and have stock in a winner like this company is amazing! Another dream one is Kimo Sabe Mezcal.” – Phil Hellmuth

35. “I happen to find myself with some of the world’s most successful people and celebs, and I bring tons of positivity and energy with me.” – Phil Hellmuth

36. “I always wanted to start my own alcohol brand, and I was on board early as an owner in Kimo Sabe.” – Phil Hellmuth

37. “Daniel has written many negative blog posts about my style of poker or plays that I have made, but he is speaking his truth, and he has never ever crossed any lines with me. It was never personal.” – Phil Hellmuth

38. “I had $20,000 in the bank before I started heading to Vegas – built from nothing and in debt with student loans.” – Phil Hellmuth

39. “They’ve lost one game in years when I was there, and zero games when I sat with Joe and Nicole…When they won in 2015, I partied with the team in Vegas for a couple days; Elon Musk even joined us one night! 2016 really hurt…I thought we had it when we went up 3-1.” – Phil Hellmuth


40th of 50 Phil Hellmuth Quotes

40. “My friend Joe Lacob bought the team, and – along with his amazing long-term girlfriend Nicole Curran – they have been very generous and very good to me.” – Phil Hellmuth


41. “Being the oldest of five was difficult, and I talk about my struggles with that in my autobiography Poker Brat.” – Phil Hellmuth

42. “I’m also on the Muzik Connect (headphones and more) advisory board. MuzikConnect.com is super exciting as we have Michael Jordan, Drake, Kevin Hart, Chris Paul, Von Miller, and Novak Djokovic (to name a few) as investors and brand ambassadors.” – Phil Hellmuth

43. “I’m proud of DLee, he handled himself like a man, a class act, and a true team player!” – Phil Hellmuth

44. “I slowly lost it all in Vegas over 14 months and 10 trips, which isn’t bad for a 21-year-old! Most lose it quickly in Vegas! I would lose in Vegas, then win at home.” – Phil Hellmuth

45. “Of course, Bob Myers, Jerry West, and Steve Kerr have done a wonderful job, but I can tell you that the Warriors are a “nice guy” team. Not too much drama, and everyone appreciating their circumstances – and they play with such joy! It really is a special group of guys.” – Phil Hellmuth

46. “I don’t play games. I’m straight up. The #PHNiceLife hashtag is meant to be aspirational.” – Phil Hellmuth

47. “If Poker Brat turns into a major motion picture, then that would be another script entirely, and I would want to either write the script myself or have the option to take a crack at it myself before they hired professional writers. Poker Brat is over 400 pages long, and I wrote it all.” – Phil Hellmuth

48. “The real estate company is low-key. I only have two houses in there, one in Vegas and one in Minneapolis.” – Phil Hellmuth

49. “Man, I LOVED watching Michael Jordan play basketball, and it was even better in person. The energy that he put out playing defense was something to behold in person (at the game).” – Phil Hellmuth

50. “Watching them win a championship was inspiring! It wasn’t that long ago that Joe was booed in public, by tons of Warriors fans, for trading Monta Ellis.” – Phil Hellmuth



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