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Virgil Abloh is an American designer, DJ, and entrepreneur. He is the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection. Abloh is also the founder of Off-White.

He is the first American of African descent to serve as artistic director at a French luxury fashion house. He started out in the international fashion industry as an intern at Fendi. In 2018, he was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Here’s a collection of the most motivational Virgil Abloh quotes:


50 Highly Motivational Virgil Abloh Quotes

1. “I started off as a kid who didn’t care what my education was.” – Virgil Abloh

2. “Creative director’ is a catchall phrase for giving ideas. To me, it obviously means more than that. It’s like being a counselor.” – Virgil Abloh

3. “I believe in the romantic interchange between intellectuals about fashion.” – Virgil Abloh

4. “I look at culture, and I see what the kids around me are wearing, and I see a particular style. I understand the space between fashion and streetwear.” – Virgil Abloh

5. “I don’t do the vintage thing so much, just because it’s not me. There are some vintage designers I’ll buy things from, but mostly not.” – Virgil Abloh

6. “I don’t know where my parents got my name. I’m sure they saw it in a movie, maybe.” – Virgil Abloh

7. “I think my original ambition was to be an artist.” – Virgil Abloh

8. “Graphic tees are vibes. And I think they’re the basis of a lot of wardrobes, but that makes it challenging to distill what you’re brand means within a T-shirt.” – Virgil Abloh

9. “DJing is my only peace of mind. When the phone is off, I play my favorite songs really loud for myself, and I’m not talking to anyone; I’m not managing anything. It’s just, like, a time when I can listen to music.” – Virgil Abloh


10th of 50 Virgil Abloh Quotes

10. “The fashion consumer likes a high-low mix – I want to be a brand that represents that.” – Virgil Abloh


11. “DJing is like a great tasteful art form.” – Virgil Abloh

12. “I always joke that, at any given time, I’m supposed to be at two other places.” – Virgil Abloh

13. “For me, I analyze the modern girl, the girl that I’m friends with, and they’re empowered: They pay their own bills. They have their own style. They wear clothes – the clothes don’t wear them.” – Virgil Abloh

14. “Collaboration is not a punchline… I only collaborate with the best in each category.” – Virgil Abloh

15. “As a young designer in tune with culture, I’m interested in the lifeline of trends.” – Virgil Abloh

16. “I just wanna start a brand that inspires and is geared towards youth.” – Virgil Abloh

17. “When creativity melds together with global issues, I believe you can bring the world together.” – Virgil Abloh

18. “I pride myself in collaborating and being a creative director, and creative direction isn’t putting my opinion first. It’s supporting an artist so they get the most out of the project.” – Virgil Abloh

19. “To me, graphic T-shirts are the most important and most expressive format for a designer or a person. Your taste in graphic tees says a lot about your point of view.” – Virgil Abloh


20th of 50 Virgil Abloh Quotes

20. “I’m mostly into buying art from friends. I like to keep it vague – just whatever I find intriguing.” – Virgil Abloh


21. “I think the reason why Off-White exists is to modernize fashion.” – Virgil Abloh

22. “Ironic things are interesting.” – Virgil Abloh

23. “For me, there’s a subtlety in focusing on the right shape of T-shirt and pants. I recognize that it’s boring, but the idea is to catch people off-guard and reward them in some valuable way.” – Virgil Abloh

24. “Murakami’s ability to deconstruct and his aesthetic and conceptual freedom have been totally inspiring for me.” – Virgil Abloh

25. “I like to look at fashion and relate it to the time when it was happening.” – Virgil Abloh

26. “Growing up, at high school, we all used to wear Champion garments, which, in America, are standard-issue gym uniforms.” – Virgil Abloh

27. “I don’t have to choose between high fashion or streetwear. My brand reminds me that it doesn’t have to fit in a box. It can just be in a gray area.” – Virgil Abloh

28. “People, when they say ‘streetwear,’ they miss the central component, which is that its real people; its clothes that are worn on the street.” – Virgil Abloh

29. “Pyrex Vision’s first season was, for me, an expression of myself as an artist first, designer second.” – Virgil Abloh


30th of 50 Virgil Abloh Quotes

30. “Every idea that comes to mind I execute, or I look for outlets to put out ideas.” – Virgil Abloh


31. “I have this overriding principle that streetwear could end up like disco: that it will be perceived well at the time but doesn’t age well at all.” – Virgil Abloh

32. “Big teams are absolutely vital if you want to achieve certain results when you’re working on larger scales, both in terms of physical size and productive quantities.” – Virgil Abloh

33. “Whenever I’m doing a collection, I’m inspired by the world around us.” – Virgil Abloh

34. “I hate being up on stage with a microphone.” – Virgil Abloh

35. “There’s no line between a designer and consumer.” – Virgil Abloh

36. “I oftentimes say that I design my collections off my phone. I’m in a group chat with my team in Milan. I copy and paste. I draw. I look at trends. I don’t really have an assistant. It’s a modern way of working. I don’t know if it’s sustainable, but it’s how I do it.” – Virgil Abloh

37. “All the skateboarding brands that I was into had graphic T-shirts. In the ’90s, there were different styles that went along with the different influences in skateboarding, whether that be hip-hop or rock and roll and grunge. And that’s what I was into, so I was following all that.” – Virgil Abloh

38. “I always live in multiple places. I’m never in the same city for seven days.” – Virgil Abloh

39. “I can come up with 30 T-shirt designs in a day, but it’s just about where to slot each of them. That’s streetwear to me. It’s about knowing where to buy things, not this mass thing you can get anywhere.” – Virgil Abloh


40th of 50 Virgil Abloh Quotes

40. “The whole point of collaboration is that you give and take from each other, and that’s how you create things that are totally new.” – Virgil Abloh


41. “From a very young age, as a teenager, I was into hip-hop and skateboarding and all those things that were akin to a kid in the ’90s. All those things are what resulted in clothes.” – Virgil Abloh

42. “Kanye’s the best. He really, really is. He’s cool. And why we’ve always gotten along is because we can just sit down and talk about art.” – Virgil Abloh

43. “My graphic design skills are superior to a lot of other things I can do; I use it as a part of my tool kit.” – Virgil Abloh

44. “I interned at Fendi while Michael Burke was overseeing Fendi.” – Virgil Abloh

45. “For me, just as a social recorder of 2016, there’s a new girl that emerged that can shop in between Zara and designer and still maintain a sense of her personality and identity.” – Virgil Abloh

46. “It is an honor for me to accept the position of men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton. I find the heritage and creative integrity of the house are key inspirations and will look to reference them both while drawing parallels to modern times.” – Virgil Abloh

47. “All I do all day is think of ideas and implement them. That’s an industry, you know. I’m trying to make art on a commercial scale.” – Virgil Abloh

48. “Fashion and music are two great artistic forms that can be molded by the youth culture – our taste and our passion for evolving things in our limited time on earth allows us to look at things with fresh eyes.” – Virgil Abloh

49. “For me, as I was growing up, I studied architecture, I was into music, and I always felt that there was a gap between the things that I loved and consumed and who made them and how they made them.” – Virgil Abloh

50. “From my perspective, I’m trying to stand for a generation. You know, each generation has designers who go along with it.” – Virgil Abloh



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