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The 5 Great Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

Sue Anne Dunlevie



The 5 Great Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

Have you been at work, sitting in your cubicle dreaming of the day you can be your own boss?

Oh, the amazing days you’ll have, free from managers, supervisors and team leaders, all pushing you to meet goals and expectations that aren’t quite realistic.

You aren’t the only one staring at the walls of a tiny, little cubicle at this very moment wondering how to escape the rat race and become a solopreneur. (I call an entrepreneur who runs their own business and works alone a ‘solopreneur’.)


5 Great Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

If this is something you are dreaming of, you definitely want to explore the five advantages of being a solopreneur listed below.


1. You Create Your Own Opportunities

Your destiny is in your hands. You’re free to create your own opportunities. Use your best skills, your passion, your knowledge and your determination to create the business you really want.

Nothing will hold you back any longer. You can achieve your business goals and create your own legacy.

You even have the opportunity to make your business known worldwide. There are no limits to your opportunities. You can grow your business as far as your desire take you.


2. You Choose Your Own Schedule

You will want your work schedule to be productive.

However, you will have the freedom to choose how and when you schedule your days. Remember all of those special events like your son’s soccer game or daughter’s ballet class that you were forced to miss when you worked for a boss?

Those days are gone. You can feel confident that you will never miss an important life event ever again. In addition, you won’t have to fill out paperwork or beg your boss to give you the afternoon off.

You’ll create your schedule so that you can balance your personal and professional life perfectly.

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3. The Freedom to Work Where You Like

The word freedom is something that you will happily get use to when you are a solopreneur. Today’s technology allows you to work from anywhere you see fit.

Depending on what type of business you own, you can choose to work from your own office, your home or anywhere that they have Wi-Fi.

You may find yourself working from your laptop at a coffee shop or the library.

There is even free Wi-Fi available at parks and beaches! You can enjoy traveling, working and being productive from anywhere in the world that is suitable to your lifestyle, like my friend Ryan who is blogging from Bali for 4 months.


4. You Work with People You Like

You can choose who to network with, like people who you find creative, inventive and fun. Gone are the days of being forced to work side-by-side with difficult people that lack passion and drive.

Soon all of those unprofessional and hard to get along with people you have worked with in the past will be a distant memory. You are now capable of surrounding yourself with the best of the best.

Choose to work with clients that share similar goals, values and professionalism. Build business relationships that are trustworthy, honest and beneficial to both of you.

Long-term business relationships are a valuable source for you to learn, grow and share ideas and goals, whether they are with a mentor, coach or just a friend.


5. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Chances are you are going to treat yourself better than your previous bosses. Being your own boss is an excellent feeling to experience. You will be setting the standard, values, goals and growth of your company.

This may seem challenging at times, but most of the time, challenges are what catapult your business to the next level.

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When you commit to being a solopreneur, you suddenly pay attention to every detail, ultimately making your business experiences more meaningful and fulfilling.

Soon your business becomes more like the child that you have created, nurtured and watch grow every day.


Growing Your Business With A Blog

Solopreneurs that also blog find that blogging demonstrates their expertise, builds trust, provides valuable and informative content, generates leads and is a great marketing investment tool.

Blogging creates opportunities for sharing, connects customers to the brand you are building, establishes your business as an industry leader, boosts search engine optimization and develops and nourishes relationships with potential and existing customers.

Today can be the day you decide to become your own boss. Creating your own opportunities, developing your own schedule and choosing to work anywhere in the world.

Don’t hesitate any longer – break free from your cubicle walls and make your dreams of running your own business come true.

Sue Anne Dunlevie is the Blogging Coach at, where she helps beginning bloggers grow their lifestyle-friendly businesses.