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Wynonna Judd Net Worth

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Wynonna Judd Net Worth

What is Wynonna Judd’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$20 Million
Born:May 30, 1964
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Singer
Last Updated:2021


Wynonna Judd is an American country music singer.

Judd is a multi-award-winning singer who is one of America’s most widely recognized and awarded female country singers of the 1990s. Her albums and tracks are all credited to the single name Wynonna. She rose to fame in the 1980s. Alongside her mother Naomi, they started country music named the Judds. The Judds disbanded in 1991. 

As of 2021, Wynonna Judd’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 million. 


Early Life 

Christine Claire Ciminella was born on the 30th of May, 1964, in Ashland, Kentucky. She was given the last name after Michael Ciminella, the man her mother married after being abandoned by her boyfriend. 

Her younger half-sister is an actress. In 1976, Ciminella lived in Kentucky, where she took inspiration from the country music that her mother listened to. 



In 1979, the Judds moved to Tennessee to pursue a musical career. Between 1983 and 1991, The Judds charted 23 hit tracks on the Billboard Hot Country Singles charts. They also recorded eight albums. They sold more than 20 million records worldwide and had won over 60 industry awards. 

After the duo parted ways, Judd signed to MCA Records as a solo artist. In 1992, she performed solo on TV for the first time at the American Music Awards. 

In 1996, Judd released ‘Revelations’ which was her third album that was certified platinum. Her fourth album under the MCA label was ‘The other Side’. 

Judd released her fifth album ‘New Day Dawning’ in 1999. Her next album, ‘What the World Need Now Is Love,’ was released in 2003. 

She provided the voice of Molly Cule in the animated ‘The Magic School Bus. In 1999, she appeared on ‘Blue’s Clues’. She guest-starred as a singer on the fifth season of ‘Touched by an Angel’.

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As of 2021, Wynonna Judd’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 million. 


How Does Wynonna Judd Spend Her Money? 

Wynonna Judd lives near her family, and she has spent a lot of money helping different charities. 


Wynonna Judd’s Home 

Judd is a proud owner of a beautiful home in Leipers Fork, Tennessee. The country singer lives in this property real close to her mother and sister. She owns a lot of vacant land between this home and her sister Ashley’s.


Wynonna Judd’s Charity Work 

Judd has done some charity work throughout the years. Some of the charities she has helped include American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, Child Safety Network, Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, GRAMMY Foundation, Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, and Metro Christmas Basket Charities. 



Here are some of the best highlights of Wynonna Judd’s career:

  • Is It Over Yet (Song, 1993) 
  • Rock Bottom (Song, 1993) 
  • To Be Loved By You (Song, 1996) 
  • Going Nowhere (Song, 2000) 


Favorite Quotes from Wynonna Judd

“One of my goals in this new year is “restoration.” I have a word every year. Restoration is taking the past and using it to propel me into the now which is, “How do I feel right now about being a part of this band?” It’s exhilarating and terrifying. It’s a lot of work. I’m spending more time as a musician than I ever have. Being an artist is like breathing. It’s as easy to me as you write.” – Wynonna Judd 

“No, I don’t, because Cactus is that. Cactus is the leader. I get to just show up and get away with singing. You know what’s really great, sometimes? Letting go. Letting go of the idea of having to be in control. That really was a lifesaver. After his accident, I became Mrs. Moser.” – Wynonna Judd 

“Sonically, I wanted to make a record that sounds as interesting as it is musical. It’s a little bit more of a soundtrack where the music speaks a little more. We used these very distinctive 1930s drums that I played on the whole record. The band all started to react to that instrument and it changed the feel and instrumentation that they played with.” – Wynonna Judd 

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“That’s exactly what I wanted. When I walked away, I felt like I had no idea about the record and how it was going to sound. When I heard him come into the room and put on my headphones and play me Timothy B. [Schmit] singing his favorite Poco memories into this song.” – Wynonna Judd 

“It’s a really special time of making connections that are sacred, that have nothing to do with guys sitting in a board room putting together two artists because they know it’s going to be number one.” – Wynonna Judd 


3 Powerful Lessons from Wynonna Judd 

Now that you know all about Wynonna Judd’s net worth and how she achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from her: 


1. Fill Your Cup 

You have to fill your cup. You then give away the overflowing, but you keep a cupful for yourself.


2. Inside Out 

To heal from the inside out is the key.


3. Failures 

The failures and successes are necessary for learning.



Wynonna Judd is an American country singer who first rose to fame in the 1980s alongside her mother in the music country music duo “The Judds”. She launched a solo career in the early 1990s.

In her solo career, she released eight albums. Her first three singles all reached number one on the U.S country singles chart.

She is most recognized for her musical work although she has also pursued other writing, acting, and philanthropy interests. 

As of 2021, Wynonna Judd’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 million. 

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