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10 Benefits of Working Remotely & Why People Are Addicted

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10 Benefits of Working Remotely & Why People Are Addicted

Remote working is when employees complete their work-related duties outside the office, mainly at their own residence.

However, working remotely is not permanent. Some careers such as sales and call centers allow employees to work indefinitely from home, but some jobs require employees to split up their time between their home and the office.


Why Might Working in an Office Be a Poor Lifestyle Choice?

Believe it or not, working in an office comes with a variety of health risks. Here are some key factors to keep in mind if you are thinking of working in an office:

  • Working in an office can lead a sedentary lifestyle. While working behind a desk, you may become lazier and lack necessary daily exercise, especially if you work longer than normal shifts. In addition, working behind a desk can lead to neck and back pain, as well as obesity.
  • Office work can lead to serious eye strain. You may already be feeling it reading this article in your office, but keeping your eyes glued to a computer screen for hours can not only lead to eye strain but also serious eye-related health conditions.
  • Working long hours in an office can cause a lot of work-related stress and lead to poor work-life balance. Most people who work in an office tend to spend longer than normal hours at work compared to those who work remotely.

Let’s see the benefits of working remotely and why people like it:


1. Commuting Isn’t The Best

The majority of those who work in offices in the city commute to work.

According to recent statistics, commuters can begin experiencing depression and have much less life satisfaction. If kept unchecked, this could lead to more health hazards such as anxiety and lack of social experiences.


2. Remote Workers Tend To Feel Happier

According to a recent survey from Tiny Pulse, remote workers said they were nearly 20% happier than those who worked in an office. This mainly has to due to more freedom from working in a physical office and better work schedule flexibility.

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3. Remote Workers Feel More Productive

Telecommuting provides a bevy of factors to improve productivity. Recent surveys from remote workers show that they feel 91% more productive than working in an office. A lot of this has to due with less distraction and stress at their own location of work.


4. Remote Workers Are More Focused

Employees who work remotely have shown to be much more productive and nearly exceed the 40 hour work week twice. According to research, remote workers are more than 20% more productive when working remotely compared to in an office.


5. Working Remotely Means Less Stress

Workplace stress nowadays is a bigger problem than ever before. Daryl Wilkinson, head of digital development at Nationwide Building Society, discovered that his staff who work remotely are much less stressed and more confident of themselves in the workplace than office workers.


6. Remote Workers Feel More Valued By Their Employers

Nearly 10% of remote workers said that they felt more valued at work compared to office workers in a recent survey. Although remote workers said that they had fewer relationships with their co-workers, the benefits when working remotely seemed to outweigh social relationships.


7. Communication Is More Effective

Working remotely, you may think that you may never have contact with your direct supervisor, who will likely be located far away from you. This could not be more untrue.

There are so many tools nowadays that make communication across long distances easier than ever. Plus, the messages are more detailed, since it is more crucial to say everything you need to say concisely.

A survey was completed recently that asked the question, How often do you have contact with your direct supervisor? More than half of the remote workers surveyed said that they spoke to their supervisor once or more a day.

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8. You Make Your Schedule

A lot of the time these days, remote work can be done on a flexible schedule.

If you prefer to stay up late at night, now you can. You can determine when you are the most focused and build your work schedule around that. In fact, you can still work your eight hours a day without starting your work day at 9 am.

Even if you are required to work specific hours, you can schedule your own breaks. And with this break time, you can do as you please. Take a nap or browse Facebook. There are so many more things you can do with your break time at home than you could at the office.

This flexible schedule also leads to a better work-life balance. You can schedule your work around your obligations and not the other way around. When working remotely, you can spend more time with your family and loved ones.


9. Telecommuting Will Save You Money

You will notice an immediate difference in commuting costs.

You will no longer need to pay for bus fare or gas up your car as often. You will also see savings in other areas as well. You no longer need to spend money on new suits or high heeled shoes, if that is not your regular style.

You won’t need two separate wardrobes for work and everyday life. You will also save on foods costs as it will be less tempting to stop for coffee on your way into the office and head out to buy lunch midday.

At home, you can easily make your own coffee and make your own lunch.


10. Your Office Can Be Anywhere And Of Any Type

When you telecommute, you have complete control over where your office is and what it looks like. Most likely, you will be working from home.

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However, this doesn’t have to mean shoving a desk in the corner or clearing a spot on the dining table. You can design your office to fit your lifestyle. You can choose whatever desk and decor work for you.



Your office doesn’t even have to be at home. Head to your local library, favorite coffee shop, or sit in a park to do your work. There are even office spaces that cater to freelancers called co-working spaces.

Self-employed people and those who work remotely can do their work in this space and be around others in similar working situations. Co-working space can boost people’s productivity and fight the isolation some feel when working from home.

Working remotely holds many benefits, social and health wise. With less stress and more independence, hopefully, employers can take the first step forward in helping their employees work more efficiently in their own remote setting.

Let’s help change the standard of work life once and for all.

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    Working remotely is such a blessing, and this article perfectly outlines why!

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