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Which are your favorite J Balvin quotes?

J Balvin is a Colombian reggaeton singer. He is popularly referred to as the ‘Prince of Reggaeton’ as he is one of the best-selling Latin musicians with sales of more than 35 million records worldwide.

Throughout his singing career, Balvin has successfully won many prestigious awards including Billboard Latin Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

Balvin’s breakthrough came after the release of his singles Ginza and 6 AM in 2014. His popularity only kept increasing ever since and he then became the first Latino to headline some of the world’s biggest musical events, such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Lollapalooza.

We’ve put together this collection of the best J Balvin quotes:


50 J Balvin Quotes About Music, Success & Life

1. “We want to change to point of view about Latinos in the world and Colombians. Forget about the bad past.” – J Balvin

2. “Colombian culture has a lot of music – it’s in our blood; it’s in our DNA.” – J Balvin

3. “Mi Gente’ is a song that embodies a special moment in music – a new sound of a Latino culture on the rise and being embraced globally.” – J Balvin

4. “I enjoy everything I do, from music to fashion or to watches – the lifestyle.” – J Balvin

5. “I want to make music for everybody.” – J Balvin

6. “Music is one way of expressing yourself, and fashion is another.” – J Balvin

7. “If you really want to flex, you have to be real.” – J Balvin

8. “I’m just a regular guy trying to make my dream come true like everybody else.” – J Balvin

9. “I see myself like what Drake did in the game. I came with melodies and different lyrics, from a different place – reggaeton is from Puerto Rico; Drake is from Canada.” – J Balvin


10th of 50 J Balvin Quotes

10. “Dreams are the ones that really keep me moving all the time. That’s what drives me.” – J Balvin


11. “I want to change the perception about Latinos worldwide. I think people don’t know yet how cool we are.” – J Balvin

12. “I’d want to start being a creative director of a specific line, like Adidas, for example. If they called me up to collaborate on something, I would do it.” – J Balvin

13. “As Latinos, we are many, and our geography is gigantic.” – J Balvin

14. “When you see a movie, they always put the Latino on the bad side or in a tacky way. It’s not like that. Latinos are shining like a diamond.” – J Balvin

15. “I’d love to work with people like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd.” – J Balvin

16. “Mexico is a Latin powerhouse. And Mexicans, they’re known as hard workers. Here in the U.S., not everybody wants to do those kinds of jobs. I’ve lived. I know what it feels like and what they go through and how families suffer.” – J Balvin

17. “My medium is music, but my goal is to motivate people to dream.” – J Balvin

18. “Kanye and Pharrell are in fashion. Why not J Balvin?” – J Balvin

19. “It’s always been my dream to be among the big names of Colombia.” – J Balvin


20th of 50 J Balvin Quotes

20. “I don’t have to work with superstars – I want to work with cool artists that make super music.” – J Balvin


21. “Thanks to social media, we’ve also been able to show ourselves as we are. In the end, masks are useless. You have to be real.” – J Balvin

22. “By erasing barriers of races, colors, continents, genres, or languages, we can achieve the whole world moving their head to the same beat.” – J Balvin

23. “For 10 years, I was my own label, my own promoter, my own PR. We borrowed money to print our CDs.” – J Balvin

24. “Music goes further than any border, any language.” – J Balvin

25. “The important thing is that I’m clear about the love and respect that I got for Rihanna.” – J Balvin

26. “I moved to Oklahoma to learn English when I was 16 years old from Colombia for six months; then I moved to New York.” – J Balvin

27. “I’m not a big fan of fame; I’m a big fan of success.” – J Balvin

28. “I want mainstream artists to accept Latino artists as equals without us having to sing in English.” – J Balvin

29. “I don’t pretend to be anybody else but me.” – J Balvin


30th of 50 J Balvin Quotes

30. “Part of what we did is change that misconception that reggaeton is machista and misogynist. On the contrary, women are our biggest fans, and they inspire us.” – J Balvin


31. “As long as I keep it real, I learn something from everyone. And when you view yourself as a student and not as somebody who’s bigger, there is still learning that can be done every day, and that keeps you open-minded and more ready to learn about life and love.” – J Balvin

32. “I don’t want to be a follower; I want to be a leader and create new waves.” – J Balvin

33. “To be a legend, we have to make a lot of right moves and great music.” – J Balvin

34. “Mike Amiri is like my brother.” – J Balvin

35. “I like track suits and sometimes to be suited up. I like to be like a chameleon.” – J Balvin

36. “I’m no savior, and I’m no Robin Hood.” – J Balvin

37. “Steve Aoki is somebody I really love, and he did a remix of ‘Mi Gente,’ too.” – J Balvin

38. “I obviously work really hard. But I also have the capacity to dream really big and have the discipline to materialize those dreams.” – J Balvin

39. “It’s all about the vibes. That’s why it’s called ‘Vibras’ in Spanish.” – J Balvin


40th of 50 J Balvin Quotes

40. “There are so many artists that have inspired me.” – J Balvin


41. “When I would go to the barrio, people saw me as a rich person, but when I’m around rich people, they see me as someone from the ghetto. It’s all perceptions. I like moving between worlds. I feel equally comfortable in both.” – J Balvin

42. “Even though you don’t understand what I’m saying, you are going to really feel it. The same thing happened to me when I used to listen to English music. I didn’t even understand one word. You know? But it just makes me feel great.” – J Balvin

43. “Music is art, and making watches is art, too.” – J Balvin

44. “I think music is to have fun. It’s for people to have a good time with.” – J Balvin

45. “I have always been a big fan of watches.” – J Balvin

46. “When you maintain a closeness with your fans, they are more forgiving when you make mistakes.” – J Balvin

47. “I believe that we are a result of our past.” – J Balvin

48. “I’m still in love with New York. It’s like a dream: there’s so much to do, so much culture.” – J Balvin

49. “I invite you to get out of the box, be yourself. If you have blue hair, pink, yellow; if you have a broken tooth; if you have other sexual preferences… be yourself. Fight for your happiness always.” – J Balvin

50. “I don’t plan anything – I just let myself go with the flow.” – J Balvin



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