Robin Quivers Net Worth

$75 Million

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What is Robin Quivers’ net worth?

Net Worth:$75 Million
Born:August 8, 1952
Height:1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Radio Hostess
Last Updated:August 2, 2022


As of October 2022, Robin Quivers’ net worth is approximately $75 Million.

Robin Ophelia Quivers is an American author, actress, and radio personality from Pikesville.

Quivers is mostly known for her broadcasting work with radio host Howard Stern. She pursued her radio career after that and also released two autobiographies. She is known for being one of the most successful female radio hostesses of all time.


Early Life

Robin Quivers was born in Pikesville, Maryland on the 8th of August, 1952. Quivers is mostly known for two autobiographies and her work as a radio host. She was born to Lula Louise and Charles Quivers, a housekeeper and a steelworker.

Quivers has three brothers; Howard, Harry and Charles Jr. Both her parents were educated only to seventh grade, and in 1995 Quivers released her first autobiography ‘Quivers: What a Life’ where she stated that she was a victim of sexual abuse throughout her childhood.



After Quivers left military service she began to pursue her broadcasting career. She started to work at a local radio station in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She later moved in several similar positions at local stations elsewhere in the Atlantic region.

Howard Stern hired Quivers to be a newscaster on his show ‘The Howard Stern Show’.

In 2007 she embraced a new diet that helped her lose 70 pounds.

Quivers later released a book about her physical transformation ‘The Vegucation of Robin’: How Real Food Saved My Life, in 2013. The same year she found out that she had a tumor that had to be removed. Since then she has continued to appear on The Howard Stern Show.

The following year Quivers revealed on the show that she was cancer-free and had been cured by her doctors for three months. Quivers battle with her cancer lasted 15 months and inspired many.

After her recovery, she expected to travel on a book tour to generate publicity for her new book ‘The Vegucation of Robin’ in 2013.

Since then, Quivers has become known for being one of the best radio personalities alongside Howard Stern who also helped her through her career.

Robin Quivers’ net worth is estimated to be $75 Million.



Here are some of the best highlights of Robin Quivers’ career:

  • WIOO (Newcasting, 1979)
  • Howard Stern Show (1981)
  • Quivers: A Life (Autobiography, 1995)
  • Deadly Web (Film, 1996)
  • How Real Food Saved My Life (Autobiography, 2014)
  • NAACP Image Awards (Outstanding Literary Work, 2014) – Won


Favorite Quotes from Robin Quivers

“It’s sad that women characters have lost so much ground in popular movies. Didn’t ‘Thelma and Louise’ prove that women want to see women doing things on film? Thelma and Louise were in a classic car; they were being chased by cops; they shot up a truck – and women loved it.” – Robin Quivers 

“Over the years, people have often said to us that they were going through some horrible thing in their life – may be the worst thing that had ever happened, or that they could think would ever happen – and that, somehow, in that state, we made them laugh. And I was like, ‘That’s a wonderful calling.” – Robin Quivers 

“There’s no operation where you can have your anger cut out. But if you work on yourself, as you get better, you’ll be more capable of seeing others as flawed human beings. That makes it easier to forgive.” – Robin Quivers 

“I’m nutty for nutrition. I’ve become one of those people who can’t stop talking about the connection between food and health. Now that I know how much changing what you eat can transform your life, I can’t stop proselytizing.” – Robin Quivers 

“I keep wondering how to explain the experience of child abuse from the inside. The thing you have to remember is that this was the thinking of a child.” – Robin Quivers  

“So the point is, I don’t have a right to tell anybody what’s right or wrong about their lives. Who am I to tell you at any given moment of the day what would be right for you? Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do.” – Robin Quivers 


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is Robin Quivers worth?

Robin Quivers’ net worth is estimated to be $75 Million.

How old is Robin Quivers?

Robin Quivers was born on August 8, 1952, and is currently 70 years old.

How tall is Robin Quivers?

Robin Quivers’ height is 1.67 m, which is equal to 5 ft 6 in.


Robin Quivers is one of the most popular female radio hostesses of all time. She has worked with stars like Howard Stern and Jim Florentine.

Robin Quivers’ net worth is estimated to be roughly $75 Million As of 2022. Quivers has among others work with stars all over the world.

What do you think about Robin Quivers’ net worth? Leave a comment below.

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  1. There are always “people haters” ignore – she did what she loved – developed relationships with really smart people – and had something to offer – she deserves it all – and her bank account proves it – that’s it !!! Great job lady !!!!!!


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