The 25 Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episodes of All Time

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The 25 Best Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Episodes of All Time

This is going to be fun! If you are new to Joe Rogan’s Podcast – the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), you are in for a treat. If you are already a fan and want to discover some of the best episodes of all time, you’ve come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of 25 of the best JRE podcast episodes, so no matter your interests, there is sure to be something here that suits your taste. From interviews with big names such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to guests with more niche specialties like UFOs and fungi – Joe’s podcasts cover it all.


About Joe Rogan

If you’re a fan of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast, then you already know that host Joe Rogan is a force to be reckoned with. But if you need to get more familiar with Rogan, here’s a quick rundown of the man behind the microphone.

Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey, on August 11, 1967. He got his start in comedy in the late 1980s and quickly became known as a high-energy stand-up comedian.

In addition to his successful comedy career, Rogan is an actor, author, and mixed martial arts commentator.

Rogan is known for his love of a wide range of topics, including science, fitness, and philosophy, and his curiosity and knowledge of these subjects are on full display on the JRE. In addition to hosting the podcast, Rogan is also an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and he often shares stories and photos of his adventures on social media.

But it’s not all hunting and heavy discussions on the JRE. Rogan is also known for his love of bizarre and humorous stories, and he frequently shares some of the most outrageous and hilarious tales with his listeners.

So, whether you’re a fan of deep conversations about the nature of reality or just looking for a good laugh, the JRE has something for everyone.

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The Format of the Joe Rogan Podcast

Joe’s podcast is known for its wide-ranging and often unpredictable topics, with guests from all walks of life and fields of expertise. From scientists and politicians to comedians and celebrities, Rogan invites a diverse range of guests to discuss everything from current events and pop culture to health, fitness, and psychology.

The podcast typically runs for several hours and is known for its relaxed, conversational format, which allows guests to delve deep into their areas of expertise and engage in free-flowing discussions.


Why Is the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast So Popular?

As the most popular podcast on Spotify with millions of dedicated listeners, it’s clear that the JRE has a massive and devoted audience. But what has contributed to the podcast’s enormous success?

One factor is undoubtedly Rogan’s broad appeal as a podcast host with his comedy background, as well as his extensive knowledge and curiosity on a range of topics.

Additionally, the podcast’s long-form format and diverse range of guests and topics allow listeners to dive deep into a wide range of subjects and gain new perspectives.


Controversy Surrounding the Podcast

Despite the podcast’s popularity, it has been subject to some criticism.

For example, the JRE has faced criticism for hosting guests who promote conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine views, and other controversial ideas. In addition, some have accused Rogan of making offensive or irresponsible statements on the podcast.

For many fans, though, Rogan’s willingness to entertain theories that may be considered fringe is a big part of the appeal of the JRE—allowing them to explore alternative views and interesting insights to make up their own mind on the topics discussed.


Our Picks for the 25 Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

Picking the best Joe Rogan Experience episodes, while fun to do, is pretty challenging. With over 2,000 podcasts to choose from, narrowing it down to a manageable number took some doing. Huge fans as we are, we haven’t watched them all.

With Rogan’s comedy and MMA background, many of the guests on the JRE reflect his personal interests. But he covers a wide range of topics, so we sought to choose episodes that highlighted the best and most interesting conversations on the JRE.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the 25 best Joe Rogan Experience Podcasts, in no particular order.

Elon Musk (#1169)

The best place to start is with the most-watched Joe Rogan podcast episodes with over 56 million views. Featuring Elon Musk, the tech entrepreneur CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, and more recently, Twitter (though this was aired before his Twitter acquisition), this episode covered a wide-reaching range of topics.

The episode received a lot of attention and praise for the candid and engaging conversation between Musk and Rogan. Many fans of the podcast enjoyed hearing Musk’s perspective on a variety of topics and appreciated the opportunity to get a glimpse into his personal and professional life.

The episode also generated some controversy, as Musk made headlines for smoking marijuana on the podcast, which led to some backlash and a drop in Tesla stock price!

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Alex Jones (#1555 #1255 & #911)

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist and the host of the Infowars radio show and has appeared twice on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. His debut episode was alongside comedian Tim Dillon and was popular for its entertaining and often bizarre conversation.

Jones discusses a range of off-beat topics concerning government conspiracies, secret societies, and the New World Order in this episode.

This controversial figure once again appeared on the JRE about six months later, where he continued to discuss conspiracy theories as well as his battle with tech companies who have tried to de-platform him from their services.

Fans of the podcast loved hearing Jones’ perspective, while others were less enthused. However, his description of Hillary Clinton as an interdimensional demon with a mission to bring Satan into the human dimension was particularly memorable!

Mike Tyson (#1805)

In this episode, Rogan talks to the former heavyweight champion boxer. Iron Mike has appeared on the show several times. Tyson and Rogan discuss Tyson’s storied career in boxing, his struggles with addiction and personal issues, and his experiences as a father and husband.

Tyson is also an advocate for psychedelic drugs, and in this episode, he talks about using psilocybin mushrooms to overcome mental blocks and improve self-confidence.

While they have a strong rapport, and their conversations on the JRE are often humorous and lighthearted, Rogan did reveal after the first Mike Tyson podcast episode that he felt so intimidated he invested in a wider table!

Take a look at some success lessons from Iron Mike here.

Mark Zuckerberg (#1863)

In the Mark Zuckerberg JRE interview, he discussed Meta’s plans to release a new virtual-reality headset, his newfound love of jiu-jitsu, and his exercise habits.

Zuckerberg addressed Facebook’s handling of the late 2020 New York Post story about Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and talked about the importance of protecting free speech on social media.

He had some shade for Twitter, saying it was hard to spend time on without getting upset, while Instagram was a “super-positive space.” He also admitted that he dreads checking his phone in the morning due to all the headaches it gives him.

The jury’s out on if everyone warmed to Zuckerberg, but for JRE fans, it was a fascinating episode.

Neil Degrasse Tyson (#1904)

Another Tyson, this one a far cry from Mike Tyson, but no less interesting, had made several appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Astrophysicist and science communicator Neil Degrasse Tyson is noted for his ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms and he does just that on the JRE show discussing topics such as dark matter, black holes, alien life, and space exploration. The enthusiasm and expertise he brings to the podcast make even the most technical subjects understandable and interesting to a general audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the universe and the latest discoveries in science, be sure to check out some of Tyson’s episodes on the podcast.

Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell (#1315)

If you want hard science facts, then the Neil Degrasse Tyson episodes are your best bet, but if you’re after something a little more out of this world, then the Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell episode is for you.

Joe Rogan has always had an interest in UFOs, so when Lazar and Corbell appeared on the podcast to discuss their investigations into a military base located near Area 51, he was more than happy to listen.

Lazar claims to have worked on reverse-engineering alien technology at a facility called Area 51, while Corbell is an investigative filmmaker who has been researching the topic since 2017.

The two discuss their theories about the existence of UFOs and secret government projects in this riveting episode; even the most skeptical listeners will enjoy this thought-provoking conversation.

Jordan Peterson (#1769)

Jordan Peterson, the clinical psychologist, and author, is known for his controversial views on a number of subjects, including gender, political correctness, and the role of religion in society.

Peterson appeared on two episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, #1769 and #958. In both episodes, Peterson discussed his best-selling books 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos and Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, as well as his self-improvement writing programs. He is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

Peterson’s fascinating insight into human behavior and how to live a meaningful life made this one of the most thought-provoking episodes on the show. He also gave his insight on topics like free speech, truth, and meaning, making for a fascinating discussion and leaving listeners with much to contemplate.

Edward Snowden (#1536 & #1368)

These episodes were two of the most popular and controversial episodes on the show with Edward Snowden being a highly polarizing figure.

Snowden, an ex-Central Intelligence Agency employee, shocked the world back in 2013 with his daring leak of highly classified documents from the National Security Agency.

He opened up to Joe Rogan, covering everything from internet security issues to his own personal life as an asylum seeker. Fans of the JRE eagerly jumped in to listen, enticed by the idea of hearing from someone who went from CIA employee to a hunted fugitive beloved and loathed around the world.

Rhonda Patrick (#1178)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, the biomedical scientist, and health expert, is popular with Joe Rogan and listeners alike, and she’s appeared on the JRE multiple times. On her eighth appearance on the show, topics discussed included the carnivore diet, fasting, the ketogenic diet, and the microbiome.

If you are a health and wellness buff, you won’t want to miss this episode or any of the previous Dr. Rhonda Patrick episodes exploring the latest health science.

Matthew Walker (#1109)

Having trouble getting to sleep at night? If you are, then Matthew Walker’s episode is the one for you. Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, Dr. Walker has to be the number one expert on sleep in the world.

In this JRE episode, he discussed his book “Why We Sleep,” shared some of the key findings from his research, and provided practical tips for getting a better night’s rest.

Quentin Tarantino (#1675)

No list of best JRE episodes would be complete without the appearance of Quentin Tarantino, one of the most influential filmmakers in recent history.

During the episode, Tarantino discussed the novelization of his Oscar-winning film “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood”, his career in filmmaking, his writing process, and making movies under the current Hollywood system.

Tarantino proved himself a witty and knowledgeable guest, so even if you aren’t a particular fan of his work, there’s plenty to take away from this episode.

Lance Armstrong (#737)

Many of us shook our heads in dismay when Lance Armstrong was caught in a doping scandal.

However, this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience is worth a listen as it proves that Lance still has plenty to offer. Armstrong discussed his research into performance enhancement, health, and stress reduction. He also spoke about his experience of being a 7-time Tour De France winner and the flack he has faced since confessing to doping in 2013.

His struggles with cancer and his work as an advocate for cancer research and awareness are also key topics of discussion during this episode. It’s an enlightening conversation that provides insight into the mind and experiences of a multi-time world champion athlete who has fallen from grace.

Joey Diaz (#1778)


Joey Diaz is a comedian and actor and hosts his own podcast, “Uncle Joey’s Joint,” episode 1778 is the latest JRE podcast he was featured on. In this episode, you’ll learn about Diaz’s career in comedy and acting, his experiences growing up in Cuba and New Jersey, and his struggles with addiction and personal growth.

Diaz is known for his often profane stand-up comedy, and his appearances on the JRE are no exception so expect plenty of effing and jeffing!

David Goggins (#1212 & # 1080)

If you need a kick up the arse, then the David Goggins episodes are a must-listen. In these two episodes, Joe Rogan and Goggins discuss his journey from SEAL to an ultra-endurance athlete as well as his experiences of pushing himself beyond limits. This includes becoming the world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours.

In the latest episode, he delves into his recently-released book “Can’t Hurt Me,” where he shares his inspiring story of resilience and victory over adversity. Get ready for plenty of Goggins-style inspiration and motivation.

Paul Stamets (#1035)

If the world of mushrooms doesn’t appeal (magic ones or not), you might have a change of heart after listening to this episode. Paul Stamets is a mycologist (someone who studies fungi) whose work covers topics such as the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of mushrooms, as well as environmental conservation. He also talks about his personal journey in life and provides insight into how mycelium works in nature.

We promise you that this is one of the most fun and fascinating episodes we’ve listened to. It’ll open your eyes to a whole new world.

Robert Malone (#1238)

At the height of Covid paranoia, Joe Rogan hosted Dr. Robert Malone, MD, an mRNA vaccine expert. During the interview, they discussed the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines. The interview was removed from Twitter and YouTube and caused quite a stir to say the least.

Whatever side of the thorny fence you sit on, Malone’s knowledge and experience make this episode a must-listen. Both Rogan and Malone present the facts in an objective manner, and listeners get to reach their own conclusions on the matter.

Not only does it provide a credible argument, but this podcast also serves as an important reminder of how powerful and influential social media can be.

Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson (#1897 & #725)

For an alternative take on ancient civilizations, the two podcasts with these two authors are a must-listen. Graham Hancock is an author of TV documentaries and books on historical mysteries such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, while Randall Carlson is a geologist, author, and educational filmmaker.

In these two episodes, Joe Rogan hosts a deep dive into ancient civilizations and mythology with Hancock and Carlson. They discussed their research on lost cities, advanced ancient technologies, and how we can look to the past to help us think differently about the future. In the latter of the two episodes, Hancock chatted about his Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse and the controversy surrounding it.

It’s a fascinating discussion and shows how the power of storytelling can transport us to another time and place. If you’re looking for something different and out-of-the-box, add it to your watchlist.

Bernie Sanders (#1330)

If politics is your thing, especially if you lean left, then this is a great deep dive into Bernie Sanders’s politics and the man himself.

Sanders shares his personal anecdotes of what it was like campaigning during arguably one of the most tumultuous election periods in history. Though Joe Biden won the race, we can take a trip in time to ponder what if Bernie had been the one to take office.

For those who love politics, this has to be one of the essential Joe Rogan podcasts that’ll give you plenty of food for thought.

Ben Shapiro (##1512)

In sharp contrast to Bernie Sanders’s podcast, Editor in Chief of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, visited Joe Rogan for a discussion about conservative politics and more.

While Shapiro and Rogan don’t share the same ideological views, the episode didn’t get bogged down with the mudslinging that often comes with discussions about politics. And with this being his third appearance on the JRE, Rogan must like something about Shapiro to keep asking him back.

As with all his guests, Rogan remained respectful, and Shapiro’s articulate arguments and analysis of the current state of affairs were on full display. Whether you’re a fan of Ben Shapiro or not, it’s hard to come away without being impressed by his verbal fluency.

Russell Brand (#1238)

If British humor is your thing, comedian, actor, and author Russell Brand is your man. In this episode, Joe Rogan sits down with Brand to discuss the world of comedy, Brand’s personal journey in life, and his rehabilitation from drug addiction and the associated book he wrote, “Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions.”

Brand speaks candidly about his struggles with mental health, but his stories are peppered with his trademark humor, so it never gets too heavy and still remains entertaining.


What Are Joe Rogan’s Funniest Podcast Episodes?

There have been so many hilarious podcast episodes with some of the funniest US comedians that It’s impossible to narrow down.

Some of the most memorable podcast episodes include Joe Rogan’s conversations with comedians, including Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Doug Stanhope, and Aziz Ansari. From their outrageous stories to their unique perspectives on life, they can’t fail to brighten up a dull day.

A final shout-out has to be for the Theo Von JRE episode, where he discussed mathematical butt tattoos and school bus erections. This has to be one of the most weirdly funny conversations ever witnessed on the show.


Final Thoughts

With hundreds of guests appearing every year on the Joe Rogan Experience, we’re sure that we’ll be revisiting this article for an update in the future. While we’ve deliberated and come up with what we think are 25 of the Best Joe Rogan podcasts, ultimately, your interests might vary from our own.

Still, we’d have never thought a two-hour discussion about mushrooms and fungi could be so engrossing and entertaining! But that just goes to show the depth and diversity of the conversations had on the JRE.

So grab a drink, kick back, and enjoy some of the best episodes the JRE has to offer. 

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