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$90 Million

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What is Chris Columbus’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$90 Million
Born:September 10, 1958
Height:1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:TV/Film Director
Last Updated:March 8, 2023


American filmmaker Chris Columbus has earned millions for his directorial skills behind the camera.

Having helmed some of the most popular movies in Hollywood, Columbus is continuing to grow his net worth as a director, producer, and screenwriter.

As of March 2023, Chris Columbus’s net worth is estimated to be $90 Million.


Chris Columbus Facts

  • Chris Columbus became the director for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after Steven Spielberg passed on the project.
  • Regarding financial success, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets were Columbus’s highest earners.
  • As a screenwriter, Columbus sold many scripts to Steven Spielberg, two of which would go on to become Gremlins in 1984 and The Goonies in 1985.
  • Chris Columbus’s directorial debut was Adventures in Babysitting in 1987.
  • In 2014, Columbus co-founded Maiden Voyage, a production company, with his daughter, Eleanor.


Early Life 

Chris Joseph Columbus was born September 10, 1958, in Spangler, Pennsylvania, the only child of Mary Iren and Alex Michael Columbus.

Chris was raised in Champion, Ohio, and as a child, he enjoyed making 8mm films and drawing his own storyboards.

After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School, Columbus attended New York University at the Tisch School of the Arts to study filmmaking.

At New York University, Columbus was schoolmates with actor Alec Baldwin and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman.

While at university, Columbus worked a factory job where he secretly wrote a 20-page screenplay that he would eventually use to help him get an agent.

In 1980, Columbus directed I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, a short film that got him noticed by Steven Spielberg and is now preserved by the Academy Film Archive.



Chris Columbus started his career as a writer for the 1984 screenplay of Reckless, which ultimately led him to write the comedy-horror screenplay Gremlins, which was bought by Steven Spielburg in 1981.

Following the success of this film, Columbus moved to Los Angeles to work for Amblin Entertainment, where he wrote the scripts for Young Sherlock Holmes and The Goonies.

His directorial debut came in 1987 with the film Adventures in Babysitting, which received lukewarm reviews from critics.

In 1990, Columbus got his biggest break when he directed Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin, which grossed $476.7 million worldwide.

This film earned him two Academy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Awards, kick-starting his career as one of the best directors in Hollywood.

Columbus went on to direct Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993, Nine Months in 1995, Stepmom in 1998, and Bicentennial Man in 1999 before reaching out to Warner Bros. to direct the first installment in the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone became one of Columbus’s most beloved projects, earning him three Academy Award nominations and grossing $975.1 million globally.

In 2002, he directed Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and returned as a producer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004.

Columbus returned to the fantasy realm in 2010 when he directed Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which, while not as successful as Harry Potter, was still a decent success.

Most recently, Columbus has stated that the script for Gremlins 3 is in development, though no official release date has been given.


Chris Columbus’s Career Earnings

As one of the richest directors in the world, it’s safe to assume that Chris Columbus has made a fortune behind the camera.

Although we don’t have all the details about how much Columbus earned throughout his career, we do have some information about how he made his fortune.

  • Chris Columbus has earned a box office total of $1.7 billion as a film director.
  • Along with directing, Columbus also works as a producer and screenwriter, which helps supplement his net worth.
  • Columbus is also ZAG Animation Studios and is a partner at Ocean Blue Entertainment.

While Chris Columbus has never made his precise earnings public, it’s easy to see from all of his ventures that he won’t be at risk of going broke any time soon.


Personal Life

Chris Columbus married Monica Devereux, a choreographer, in 1983, and the couple has four children; Eleanor, Violet, Brendan, and Isabella.

Columbus lives with his family in San Francisco and was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 United States presidential election.

On social media, Columbus is active on his official Instagram account, where he posts about his personal life and projects he is working on.


Awards & Achievements

Chris Columbus has won many awards throughout his directorial career.

While he’s earned numerous accolades, some stand out more than others.

Here are some of the most important awards and achievements from Chris Columbus’s career:

  • In 2011, Chris Columbus received an Oscar nomination for The Help.
  • Chris Columbus won Best Feature Film at the BAFTA Awards in 2004 for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  • In 2012, Chris Columbus won the Contribution to Cinematic Imagery Award from the Art Directors Guild for his work on the Harry Potter franchise.
  • At the Black Reel Awards in 2012, Columbus won Best Film for The Help.
  • In 2012, at the Christopher Awards, Columbus won a Christopher Award for The Help.

Although he may not hold the record for the most Academy Awards, Chris Columbus has still earned many significant honors. 


How Does Chris Columbus Spend His Money?

Chris Columbus has more than enough money to live a life of luxury, and one look at his home makes it obvious he’s doing just that.

While we don’t know how much he’s paid for his current sandstone mansion in California, we can safely assume the price was in the millions.

The interior of Columbus’s house looks more like something you’d expect to find in Buckingham Palace than a home in San Francisco, with lavish sitting rooms, meticulously adorned hallways, and lavish fireplaces.

Columbus and his family moved into this home shortly after selling their previous home in Pacific Heights, which we know sold for $12.9 million.

His prior home was built in the Italian Renaissance style and featured seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and four levels, all connected by a private elevator.



Chris Columbus has experienced many high points throughout the course of his career.

However, some of his biggest successes are the ones that helped catapult him to fame.

Here are some of the best highlights of Chris Columbus’s career: 

  • In 1990, Columbus gained worldwide recognition for directing Home Alone and its sequel, Home Alone 2, in 1992.
  • Columbus enjoyed this third box office success when he directed Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993.
  • In 2001, Chris Columbus directed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, followed a year later by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, both of which received worldwide success.
  • Columbus directed Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief in 2010.
  • Columbus launched ZAG Animation Studios alongside Michael Marnathan in 2017.


Favorite Chris Columbus Quotes

While Chris Columbus is known for sharing his visions from behind the camera, he also has a lot to say about the industry as a whole.

When he does interviews, Columbus doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and give his opinions on filmmaking.

Here are our favorite quotes from Chris Columbus:

  • “My first day being on a set was extremely intimidating and frightening. But after a couple of hours, I just eased into it. I felt very secure and comfortable, and I realized this is where I really want to be.” – Chris Columbus
  • “Always listen to your own instincts. You can never be intimidated by the people you work with.” – Chris Columbus
  • “Great comedy or dramas are made because someone is really passionate or obsessed by it. If not, it won’t be a good film. Great filmmaking is something that can be esoteric, which is all about the visual side of filmmaking or storytelling. When you develop a hunger for it, and there’s something great out there, I want to see it before I find my great reward somewhere. ” – Chris Columbus
  • “Nobody does anything for free in Hollywood. They have to be paid for everything.” – Chris Columbus
  • “I can understand the validity of showing people the ugliness of the world, but I also think there is a place for movies to leave people with a sense of hope. If your film isn’t going to do that, I just don’t think it’s worth making.” – Chris Columbus


3 Amazing Lessons From Chris Columbus

There are many great things to be learned from Chris Columbus’s impressive career.

Now that you know all about Chris Columbus’s net worth, we can look more closely at what his success can teach us about reaching our own goals.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Chris Columbus:


1. Don’t Be Intimidated

When trying to become successful, it can be easy to get intimidated by those who have already reached lofty goals.

However, it’s worth remembering your own worth and keeping in mind that even the most successful people were once in the same boat as you are now.


2. Be Passionate

No matter what you are working on to try and become successful, try to find something about it to pour your passion into.

If you’re not able to give 100% and put your heart into something, eventually, your performance can risk falling behind.


3. Keep Hope Alive

Hope is something everyone needs if they are working on becoming successful because, without it, it’s easy to give into despair and negativity.

Positivity and a positive mental attitude can go a long way towards keeping yourself motivated.



Chris Columbus is one of the most well-known directors in Hollywood, and he’s earned millions using his skills behind the camera.

Fortunately, Columbus has given no signs of retiring any time soon, so we can safely expect to see much more from him in the future.

Be sure to check back often to stay up to date as Chris Columbus’ net worth continues to increase!

As of March 2023, Chris Columbus’s net worth is estimated to be $90 Million.

What do you think about Chris Columbus’s net worth? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a writer from Chicago who loves tech and gaming. In the past she has collected everything from baseball cards to barbies and she considers herself to be a tasteful hoarder of potentially valuable items.


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