The 20 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time

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When you first try to think about who are the richest comic book characters of all time, you don’t immediately think of Scrooge McDuck or Richie Rich, right?

Batman or Iron Man would make a lot more sense.

Well, that’s true, but Scrooge and Richie Rich have managed to make it onto our list of the richest comic book characters of all time.

So, scroll through the list, see where they rank and look out for who’s at number 1.

It’s not who you might think! 


The 20 Richest Comic Book Characters of All Time

The list of comic book character and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as CBR & The Richest

These are the 20 richest comic book characters of all time:

20. Silver Sable

Richest Comic Book Characters - Silver Sable

Net Worth: $2 Billion

The first richest comic book character of all time is Silver Sable. 

She’s a pretty badass character, to say the least.

She hunts war criminals, is the leader of Wild Pack and owns Silver Sable International, a company she took over from her father. 

Silver Sable is known for sometimes using unorthodox methods to get the job done, however, her team is known for being so good at catching criminals, that she basically charges whatever she wants. 

Once you combine her earnings from all her companies and mercenary missions, it’s easy to see why she’s one of the richest comic book characters of all time. 


19. Emma Frost 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Emma Frost

Net Worth: $3 Billion

Emma Frosts net worth comes largely from being the CEO of Frost International, a large multi-billion dollar tech conglomerate. 

Also known as the White Queen, Frost is most notably identified through her association with the X-Men. 

She’s also known for using a lot of her company earnings to fund the mutant group. 

It should also be taken into account that she can transform herself into solid diamond, which if you were being really picky, could be counted toward her actual net worth. 

However, for this list, we’re just focusing on her earnings and assets. 


18. Professor X 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Professor X

Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

Next up, we have the founder and leader of the X-Men – Charles Xavier, or Professor X.

This dude is legendary, as, without his vision to set up a school for gifted young mutants, we might never have seen the X-Men. 

To set up the school, the professor received funding and inheritance money from his parents, who were both nuclear scientists.

He used his families mansion as the school’s address and the X-Men’s base of operations. 

So, with a little helping hand from his parents, plus his own financial achievements gained from his genetics and phycology research, the professor has managed to achieve a net worth of $3.5 billion!


17. Danny Rand 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Iron Fist

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Danny Rand might be one of the most privileged comic book characters on our list, due to the fact that he came from a super-wealthy background. 

However, he doesn’t deny it and is quite open and honest about it, claiming that he uses a lot of his money for the great good.

An example of this would be his generous donations and funding of Heros for Hire and The Secret Avengers. 

Regardless of what people might think of him, he still has a net worth of $5 billion and is one of the richest comic book characters of all time. 


16. Angel

Richest Comic Book Characters - Angel

Net Worth: $5 Billion

Warren Worthington III, or Angel, as he’s more commonly known, is the sixteenth richest comic book character of all time. 

Similar to Danny Rand, Angel is also an inheritance kid and heir to his family’s empire. 

But, after joining the X-Men and officially becoming Angel, he used his money to help establish other mutant hero teams.

He’s certainly not afraid of splashing the cash and spending his family’s fortune, or at least he’s not embarrassed that he’s a rich kid. 

Having said that, his playboy lifestyle and lack of financial knowledge have led to him losing control of his fortune on more than one occasion! 


15. Blue Beetle

Richest Comic Book Characters - Blue Beetle

Net Worth: $5 Billion

It seems like there’s a fair few genius scientists, turned superheroes on our list, and Blue Beetle is definitely one of them. 

After taking over his family business, Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) used his science and tech knowledge, and some alien technology, to invent some even more advanced technology.

His company, Kord Enterprises, pays for and supplies all of his Blue Beetle equipment. 

A big portion of his $5 million net worth came from the sale of Kord Enterprises when Ted sold it to Bruce Wayne – The Batman.


14. Nighthawk 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Nighthawk

Net Worth: $5 Billion

With Batman being such an iconic comic book character, Marvel thought they’d come up with a character of similar proportions. 

Cue, Nighthawk. Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk is Marvel’s answer to Batman. 

However, Nighthawk chooses to go down the darker path in life and uses his powers for unscrupulous activities instead of serving the public. 

Being a billionaire, he’s usually the financier behind most superhero teams he’s a part of. 

But, apart from his inheritance and business dealings, where the rest of his $5 million net worth comes from is a mystery!


13. Mister Fantastic 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Mister Fantastic

Net Worth: $5 Billion

With a name like that, you’d expect him to be a billionaire, right? 

Well, after inheriting some of his net worth from his family, Reed Richard/Mr Fantastic decided to get busy inventing some seriously technical stuff. 

His patents and inventions did so well, that he was able to fund The Fantastic Four and pay for the Baxter building. 

If I could choose any superpower at all, I’d most definitely consider Mr Fantastic abilities, for sure!


12. Norman Osborn

Richest Comic Book Characters - Norman Osborn

Net Worth: $5 Billion

The twelfth richest comic book character in the world is Norman Osborn. 

Before he went crazy and became the Green Goblin, Norman was a successful businessman, running his chemical company, Oscorp.

His company reportedly makes around $3 billion in revenue every year, which was enough to help him fund his criminal activities and inventions. 

Having such a large net worth and all the power that goes along with it, it’s easy to see how he used this to his advantage to become the Director of S.H.E.I.L.D.

I guess once you’re worth $5 billion, it’s pretty easy to get anything you want. 


11. Namor

Richest Comic Book Characters - Namor

Net Worth: $6 Billion

Now, this guy’s cool as hell! 

Namor is Marvel’s version of Aquaman, and he’s the King of the Sea and ruler of Atlantis. 

Imagine your net worth comes from sunken treasure, oil that only you can access and lost underwater cities. How awesome would that be?!

Well, that’s exactly what Namor’s net worth is made up of, and it’s likely to be even more than that, as most of the world’s oceans remain unchartered.

However, something he might want to bear in mind is that he’s the only richest comic book character to have 100% “liquid assets”!

Now that’s risky stuff in any market! 


10. Ozymandias

Richest Comic Book Characters - Ozymandias

Net Worth: $7 Billion

Coming in at number ten is the smartest man on the earth. 

Ozymandias started out with a rather large inheritance but decided to give it all away, instead opting to use his smarts and genius to make it all back for himself. 

He quickly became a pioneer in genetic engineering and used his money for charitable events and activities around the world. 

He’s pretty cool if you ask me, giving away all that money and earning it back again is no small feat!


9. Green Arrow

Richest Comic Book Characters - Green Arrow

Net Worth: $7 Billion

The Green Arrow, or Oliver Queen, has lost his fortune several times over, but also managed to gain it all back again. 

One of the main reasons he can’t seem to hang on to his money is the fact that he’s pretty generous with it. 

He likes to help out the underprivileged, and genuinely really want’s to help. He always seems genuine when it comes to helping others. 

Having said that, despite his good intentions, he also likes to spend money on trick arrows, which aren’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. 

Despite all of this, his estimated net wet is still in the region of $7 billion. 


8. Richie Rich

Richest Comic Book Characters - Richie Rich

Net Worth: $8.9 Billion

When you first hear his name, he might not be someone you’d think would be on our list, but Richie Rich is one of the richest comic book characters of all time. 

With an estimated net worth of close to $9 million, the worlds richest kid’s fortune is all thanks to his wealthy parents.

Being born into such a wealthy family does have its ups and downs, but Richie likes to focus his energy and money on helping others. 

I guess if you have the luxury of doing whatever you want in life, and money is no issue, then helping others would be a good place to start. 


7. Kingpin 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Kingpin

Net Worth: $30 Billion

Kingpin is well known in the comic book world as being a pretty bad-ass villain. 

He’s Daredevil’s nemeses and has a net worth of $30 billion.

With that kind of money, he can almost do whatever he wants and get away with a lot of illegal activity. 

Where did all his wealth come from, you ask?

Well, it’s thought that he made a lot of his money rebuilding New York City after the Battle of New York.

However, your guess is a good as mine, as once a crime boss, always a crime boss in my eyes! 


6. Doctor Doom

Richest Comic Book Characters - Doctor Doom

Net Worth: $35 Billion

Next on the list of the richest comic book characters of all time is Doctor Doom. 

Being the ruler of Latveria meant that he has access to a lot of cash and opportunities that most won’t ever have. 

But, there’s no denying that he’s a technical genius that supports an entire country from his own patents and inventions.

However, let’s not forget that he’s still a complete nutter before we praise him anymore. 

With all that money and power behind him, you’d of thought he’d of been able to do a little better in the criminal world, right?


5. Scrooge McDuck

Richest Comic Book Characters - Scrooge McDuck

Net Worth: $65.4 Billion

In fifth place, we have Scrooge McDuck. 

Scrooge has a net worth of $65.4 billion and frequently likes to swim around his vault to remind himself how rich he really is. 

Anyone that can swim around in their own money, is in a pretty good place in life, right? 

No one is really sure where Scrooge made all his money, or how he came to be so wealthy. 

All we do know is that he’s wealthy as hell and has absolutely no problem flaunting it!


4. Lex Luther

Richest Comic Book Characters - Lex Luthor

Net Worth: $75 Billion

The next supervillain on the list is none other than Lex Luther, Superman’s nemesis. 

With a net worth of $75 billion, it’s almost impossible to think that all that money was gained from legal businesses. 

He’s known for having his fingers in many pies, but we’re not 100% sure where his wealth came from initially.

Tech businesses, inventions and real estate our some of the things he’s known for, but to acquire a $75 billion net worth in a relatively short amount of time leaves us questioning how legit his methods really are?!


3. Batman 

Richest Comic Book Characters - Batman

Net Worth: $80 Billion

No richest comic book character list would be complete without Batman. 

Orphaned at a young age, Bruce Wayne inherited his family’s estate, which included multiple businesses, real estate, investments, and stocks. 

With an $80 billion dollar estate behind him, he was able to focus on becoming the Batman and saving Gotham City. 

He’s not afraid to splash the cash either. Batman is kitted out with the best-armored cars, weapons, costumes, and firearms money can buy. 

Bruce also likes to indulge in the finer things in life and is often seen in luxury supercars attending Gothams top-tier events. 


2. Iron Man

Richest Comic Book Characters - Iron Man

Net Worth: $100 Billion

The owner of Stark Industries, Tony Stark, is so rich, that he decided to build himself a weaponized suit to fend off bad guys and supervillains. 

His company was the government’s chief weapons manufacturer, so we know where the majority of his money came from, and that he can afford such an expensive hobby. 

The only problem for him though, is that being Iron Man could easily become a huge expense if he continues to level buildings and destroy city monuments. 

Nevertheless, he’s Iron Man and worth $100 billion, so I think there’s not much chance of him ever needing a job any time soon!


1. Black Panther

Richest Comic Book Characters - Black Panther

Net Worth: $90.7 Trillion

It seems that if you’re a comic book character that’s in charge of, or runs a country, then you’re laughing all the way to the bank. 

That’s certainly the case for the Black Panther, as he controls the only country in Africa where Vibranium can be mined: The Kingdom of Wakanda. 

In case you didn’t know, Vibranium is the world’s most indestructible material, and it’s worth approximately $10,000 a gram.

Now, multiply that by 10,000 tons and that’s how much the Black Panther has of the stuff. 

With a net worth totaling more than Batman and Iron Man combined, Black Panther is the richest comic book character of all time! 



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 richest comic book characters of all time.

First place is still surprising to us, however, when you think about it for what it is, it makes total sense.

Owning a country with the world’s most indestructible material is obviously going to make you a lot of money. 

But still, being any one of the top five would be pretty cool!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 richest comic book characters of all time:

  1. Black Panther
  2. Iron Man
  3. Batman
  4. Lex Luther
  5. Scrooge McDuck
  6. Doctor Doom
  7. King Pin
  8. Ritchie Rich
  9. Green Arrow
  10. Ozymandias
  11. Namor
  12. Norman Osborn
  13.  Mister Fantastic 
  14. Night Hawk
  15. Blue Beetle
  16. Angel 
  17. Danny Rand
  18. Charles Xavier
  19. Emma Frost
  20. Silver Sable 

Who’re your favourite richest comic book characters of all time? Leave a comment below.

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